From the time “Video killed the radio star” until today, a lot has been going on in visual communication and storytelling. We now live in a world, where powerful, high resolution, video cameras are in the palm of our hands. We can all now tell a story in motion.

But video is still the realm of professionals with limited options for the everyday user and consumer. The ability to truly create a story, still involves video editing knowledge and software, special apps and whatnot.

TipTap Video is here to change that. TipTap Video is here to give you, all of you, the ability to not only shoot video but to edit and create a full, meaningful story.

This is our story. What’s yours?

The people behind TipTap Video

When Israel Oron was just 5 years old, he was already developing pictures from film in his father’s home darkroom. The son of a famous fashion photographer and videographer, Israel watched and learned as his father cut the long rolls of film and put the pieces back together to create the final montage. It was then that his passion for storytelling by way of image and sound was lit, and that fire still burns strong today.   

Being in the video editing business, Israel knows firsthand, what it means to actually manipulate images and sound to edit something else, a new story if you will, from pre-shot scenes. Having the experience in old world editing, made him realize just what’s missing from all the noise and buzz the image and video editing apps today make.

He created TipTap Video to allow absolutely everyone to create their own video story by simply tapping…and editing!

This is our story. What’s yours?