Features & Benefits

Tip Tap Video is the ultimate video editing app. Ever!

Tip Tap Video is a video editing app aimed at allowing anyone and everyone to become a videographer and tell their story with just a few taps on the screen. Finally there is an app you can actually use with no hassle to create beautiful videos with just a few clicks and share them with the world.

We believe in stories. We want you to be able to tell your own story, visually and easily. Become the director of your own videos.

Tip Tap Video Features

Autostitching videos:

With Tip Tap Video you just select the cuts or scenes you wish to keep from videos you have previously shot. The app will automatically stitch them together so you have a new video made of the scenes you chose!

Edit and re-order:

You control the order of the scenes and cuts you include. You can combine as many videos as you wish, repeat scenes and change the order.


Tip Tap Video allows you to easily add filters to your videos to set the mood and create a whole new story.


Tip Tap Video app comes with pre-recorded tracks (made especially for the app so you can’t get them anywhere else!) and also allows you to add any music of song to your video from whatever you have on your phone!

Tip Tap Video Benefits

  • No more complex cuts and edits, no need to play with frames and timelines – just tap and select the scene or the piece of video or image you wish to keep, release to stop the selection.
  • Work with as many videos and images as you wish to create a new video.
  • Control the order of scenes and pace of the video with just a few taps.
  • Add music and filters.
  • Share your story with the world.


Tip Tap Video for leisure and fun

Edit family videos, create the ultimate vacation clip, master Instagram with your edited clips!

Tip Tap Video for business promotion

Easily create promotional videos, combine product photos and video cuts to create the ultimate ad for Facebook and Instagram.

Create beautiful videos to embed on your website.