Editing a video

How do I edit a new video?

TipTap Video is a brand-new way to edit videos easily. All you have to do is choose from your gallery on your phone the videos/pictures you want to add and the app will start playing them to you. Every time you see something you want to keep in the final movie, you tap and hold on the screen until the desired scene finishes playing.

Which materials will the app use for creating my video?

Your own photos and videos. TipTap Video connects to your phone’s/tablet’s gallery.

Is there a minimum duration I need to tap and hold?

There is no minimal time for tapping and holding the materials you edit in the app. It is all up to you and the end result you are looking for. You can tap and hold for a very brief time or for a very long time, which will then determine the pace of the final edited video.

I am interested in a fast-paced movie. What do I do?

Short and frequent taps will result in a fast-paced movie.

What will the order of the selected scenes be in the final edited video?

The order in which you tap and hold, will determine the order of the final edited movie.

Can I choose a video/photo more than once?

Yes, you can add the same video/photo from the phone’s/tablet’s gallery as many times as you like. You just have to go over the desired scene as many times you want played in the final edited movie.

What is the “Tap Mode” button (Hand icon) and what is it used for?

The button can be used when editing long scenes of videos. When clicked, the tap mode will toggle into a “start” and “stop” mode will appear so you don’t have to tap and hold for extended periods of time. You will then be able to click the “start” button to begin a scene selection and “stop” to end the scene selection. For very extended scene selection, you can also drag the movie controller to skip forward to the desired point and then click the “stop” button.

Why can’t I combine horizontally and vertically filmed scenes?

Combining a horizontally filmed scene with a vertically filmed scene may damage the visual outcome and movie flow. We would like you to have the best possible result with your edited scenes so we separate the vertical and horizontal videos.

Can I create a single edited video using scenes from different videos ?

Of course you can! That’s the essence of Tip Tap Video! You can either shorten a video by  editing-in parts you like and editing-out parts you don’t like or create a whole new video by stitching together cuts from different videos.

Can I combine still photos and video cuts?

Of course!

Is there a limit to the number of scenes I select for editing in the app?

There is no limit to the number of scenes/pictures you can select for editing in the app to create your final video.

After editing the video

I am not happy with the videos I selected for the editing stage. what do I do?

You have two options:

  1. If you are not done yet: you can simply ignore the unwanted movies/pictures while editing in the app.
  2. If you are done with your editing: you can just click the new button and start the selection process all over again (with or without saving your work).

How can I remove the TipTap Video watermark?

The free version of the app only creates watermarked videos. If you want to remove the watermark, you will have to purchase the paid version.

I am done and I saved my video, but I have a part of the final movie the app created I don’t like. How can I edit it out of the movie?

You simply re-edit! Go into the TipTap Video gallery, select and watch the movie in the app and tap and hold only the scenes you wish to keep in the new final video. That way, the undesired parts will be left out of the final movie.

I am in the process of creating a video in the app, but I changed my mind and I want to edit-out one of my selected scenes. How do I do that?

You can not delete a specific scene (to do that, we suggest you first save the movie and then re-edit as mentioned above). What you can do, though, is  go back to the list of videos you chose for selection (they will appear on the bottom of the screen), select the video you wish to clear and click the “clear clip selection” button. This will clear *all* scenes you previously selected from that video.

Where are my edited movies saved?

All the movies created by the app are saved in the phone’s/tablet’s gallery. For your convenience, there is quick access to them from within the app.

How can I delete videos created in the app?

In order to delete one of the videos created by the app, go into the phone’s/tablet’s gallery and then into the folder called “TipTap Video”, select the movie you want to delete and delete it as you would any other video or image.

Why are there no movie titles for the app created videos?

The essence and beauty of  TipTap Video is in its simplicity and unique editing/stitching mechanism. You can add titles to videos post editing using any platform you are used to.

Filters, Effects and Transitions

Are there any image/video filters in the app?

TipTap Video has 6 built-in filters you can add on top of your photos/videos in the final editing stage.

Why aren’t there any transitions between the scenes?

As videographers and visual storytellers, we believe that the best and most beautiful transition between scenes is a simple classic cut. Tip Tap Video is all about simplicity and authenticity.

Sharing the video

How can I share my final videos?

After the movie is saved in the app, a share window will appear and you can choose how  and where to share your new video.

Adding music to the video

What are my options for adding music in the app?

TipTap Video offers 10 music tracks for different movie genres – upbeat, romantic, scenic etc. You can also use any other music you have stored on your phone/tablet.

What music is there in the app?

Part of the soundtracks suggested by the app to add to your video, was created especially for Tip Tap Video. Other soundtracks were carefully selected from high quality music libraries.

Can I choose not to add music to the video the app creates?

Yes you can. You don’t have to choose any music, which will result in the original soundtrack from your selected scenes.

I chose music for my movie but I am not happy with the selection. Can I change my music selection without re-editing the movie?

TipTap Video allows you to change your in-movie music selection even after the movie was saved. Simply hit the “New” button, select the movie you previously created and click the “music selection” button to choose another soundtrack. Re-save the movie and you’re done!

Can I combine music with the selected scenes soundtrack?

In TipTap Video you can control the original scene’s soundtrack volume alongside your selected music soundtrack. Once you select the soundtrack for your video,  you will have two sliders to adjust the volume levels for both your original video sound and your selected soundtrack.