How video can engage and move people to buy, promoting business

Every time we watch a viral video on YouTube or on Facebook we think “why can’t I make something like this for my business”? You probably think you need to pay a lot of money to a high-end video editor, spend days on scripts, storyboards and editing, mess around with software, frames, cuts and filters…

You could do that. The result will undoubtedly be professional. But will it be engaging? Not necessarily!

Think about the videos you remember, the ones you loved and shared with your friends and your family. They all have a few things in common:

  • They’re short.
  • They’re authentic.
  • They’re moving.

Video is a great visual tool, which allows you to bring others into your world and give the, a peek. When it comes to business promotion, especially for smaller or medium sized businesses – video has to show “the real deal” in order to engage and move people to take action.

Let’s look at some examples:

John is a travel agent. He has a small office in downtown LA and he’s taken a course on how to use social media to promote his business. John is a great student, so he starts creating lots of posts for Facebook and Instagram with amazing images of exotic locations. People love John’s photos and he gets lots of “Likes”. Then one day John is on a trip of his own and he shoots a short video on his phone, shares it to his social media and starts getting comments from followers about where he is, how much it costs to get there and how they can also be there. This time John gets potential leads! Actual potential clients who are so eager to share the actual experience that he is having. Why? What changed?

John used a short video. Video is a living, moving picture. It’s a complete story with a beginning middle and end. It’s not a frozen moment in time but a continuum and a real experience.

When John shares an image like the one below, he gets lots of “Likes”


When he shares a video like the one below, he gets customers:

Roam the streets of #cuba with us! Created with #tiptapvideo in under 60 seconds!

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On the other end of town, we have Laura, a real estate agent. Laura too finds that posting images of the properties she sells works quite well, but adding a video tour of the property always works better. Laura starts shooting a video in every room of the house she tries to sell, and posts them to Facebook and Instagram. But posting multiple videos takes time and Laura has to make sure each video includes the title and description of the property and what room it is. It takes her time and sometimes the videos get jumbled and out of sequence, having rooms from different properties mixed up. What is Laura could edit one single video tour showing a little bit of each room and posting it as one, full property tour to social media? The mere thought of editing videos for hours on her computer scares her.


In come video editing apps for phones. Yes, there are a few. They still take time and most of them require technical knowledge, but they’re there.


For people like Laura and John, time, budget and technical knowledge are key constraints. They need a quick and easy solution that they can use day in and day out to promote their business.  That’s where Tip Tap Video comes into play.  Try it now (it’s free!)